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Oran Mor

Restaurant in Glasgow   Bar in Glasgow   Night club in Glasgow  

Restaurant, Bar and Night club based at Byres Road, Glasgow, SC G12 8QX

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Address Byres Road, Glasgow, SC G12 8QX
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Phone number +44 141 357 6200

Opening hours Closed now.


Reviews about Oran Mor

  • 4 / 5
    By Matthew Law
    Nice place with good staff. They have that sense of urgency you like without being imposing or annoying. The quiet absence of music offers a quiet but pleasant hubbub during the quieter times and at weekends offers the possibility of decent conversation. Since it's so popular but with well mannered patrons the lack of music is never distinctly annoying or awkward.
    The only criticism I could offer up is that the bar top is often a little wet and/or sticky, but that's usually the sign of a popular, great pub, so who's complaining?!
    May 09, 2017
  • 4 / 5
    By Nicolas da Luz Duque
    I love the fact this place used to be a church. They say in Scotland they have too many churches, and not enough demand, so they have to find things to do with them.
    And making a church into a pub is about the best thing you can do with it, in my book.
    The place looks amazing (see the pics) and they have a great selection of whiskys. The staff tries to be friendly, but their knowledge of whisky may not be up to par with some of their "competitors" (read my other reviews). They finish losing a star because they don't have proper tasting glasses.
    October 17, 2016
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Menu of Restaurant, Bar and Night club Oran Mor

Oran Mor is a restaurant, bar and night club based in Glasgow, Scotland. To learn the menu, call the phone number indicated on the website.

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